What are the requirements for choosing the size of the living room ceiling lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
At present, many families prefer to use ceiling lamps as living room lamps. It is undeniable that a suitable ceiling lamp for living room can make the whole home decoration even better, not only meet the basic lighting, but also set off a warm atmosphere, but do you know the size requirements for choosing living room ceiling lamps? The living room ceiling lamp is directly adsorbed on the ceiling, and the light is generally projected downward, so astigmatism or full illumination should be selected. Another important thing is to consider the lighting area. For example, if the area is about 15 square meters, it is better to choose a living room ceiling lamp with a diameter of 40 CM, and if the area is 20-35 square meters, you should choose a diameter of 60- 70CM is more suitable. If it is more space, it is recommended to install multiple ceiling lamps in double lighting mode.
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