What are the key points of the design of modern crystal chandelier?

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
Where is the key point of the design of modern crystal chandeliers? In the Chinese sales market, traditional crystal chandeliers and modern crystal chandeliers are 'stars and lumps'. Some companies, such as celebrities, have taken a different approach. Basically, modern crystal chandeliers have improved a lot of styles. The elements of art, cultural integration and diversified expression. In the international design style created by modernist design, metaphors and decorative design techniques are basically applied to expand the inner letter of modern crystal chandelier products to the emotional, regional and rich levels. Let’s discuss what’s in modern crystal chandelier today? The cost of raw materials for modern crystal chandelier is mainly composed of hardware accessories, electroplating process fee, wire cutting fee, steam body fee, welding wire fee, turnover material, crystal raw material, lamp cover, etc. Compared with the expensive cost of traditional crystal chandelier, the manufacturing cost of modern crystal chandelier is slightly lower. No one can tell how low it is, and in a crystal chandelier, the cost of crystal accounts for 30-80% of the fixed cost. Therefore, the origin and purity of the crystal are the key factors leading to the price difference. What are the advantages of this modern crystal chandelier? The modern crystal chandelier is basically an improvement from the traditional crystal chandelier. It combines a variety of materials such as colorful lights and covers, and the design scheme is more diversified and the function is more comprehensive , The scope of application is wider, which fills in the insufficiency of traditional crystal chandelier 'continuously rising'. It will eventually replace the traditional crystal chandelier and become popular in the sales market. As everyone's understanding of modern crystal chandeliers has increased, more and more modern crystal chandeliers have appeared in front of everyone. In the continuous technological development trend of modern crystal chandeliers, independent innovation has become the first factor in the development trend of modern crystal chandeliers. It is also because of this that you will be able to see more and more modern crystal chandeliers and present a large selection of interior decorations for everyone.
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