Unveiling the Mystery of all-copper lamp sand turning accessories

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
I have compiled an article entitled 'sand turning copper technology for manufacturing all copper lamp fittings' before. Although I try my best to express it clearly, I also add some illustrations to illustrate it. However, many customers and friends have recently complained that they still have a little knowledge of the sand-turning copper fittings used in the manufacturing process of all-copper lamps. In order to better show you the production process of the sanding copper fittings, the author took a lot of effort to find a sand casting video. Although the video mentions the process of turning iron. It should be noted that only the materials are different, and the process is not much different. I hope readers can have a deeper understanding and understanding of the sand-turning copper fittings of the all-copper lamp through the introduction of this article and the video. The whole process of sand casting of all copper lamp fittings is shown in the figure: Generally speaking, casting includes sand mixing process, modeling process, smelting process, pouring process and cleaning process. Needless to say, sand mixing, modeling process: Model-modeling -(Core-bottom core)-Box-pouring; Smelting Process: iron material-smelting-furnace pretreatment-pouring; (Modeling and smelting processes merge in the pouring process); Pouring-falling sand-cleaning -(Rework and repair)-Storage! The brackets represent the optional, for some products. In addition, in the process of all copper lamp sand casting, there are the following aspects to show the key. All kinds of raw materials used for molding and core making in sand casting of all copper lamp fittings, such as casting sand, molding sand binder and other auxiliary materials, as well as molding sand, core sand, paint, etc. prepared by them are collectively referred to as molding materials. The task of preparing molding materials is to prepare according to the requirements of castings and the properties of metals, select appropriate raw sand, Binder and auxiliary materials, and then mix them into molding sand and core sand with certain properties according to a certain proportion. Commonly used sand mixing equipment includes roller type sand mixer, countercurrent sand mixer and blade groove sand mixer. The latter is specially designed for mixing chemical self-hardening sand, with continuous mixing and fast speed. With the progress of science and technology and the vigorous development of the foundry industry, different casting methods have different mold preparation contents. Taking sand casting of the most widely used all-copper lamp fittings as an example, mold preparation includes two major tasks: molding material preparation and molding core making. After the casting is taken out from the cast cooling mold, there are gates, risers, metal burrs, skimming and mold closing lines. The casting cast by sand mold also adheres to sand, so it must go through the cleaning process. The equipment for this kind of work includes polishing machine, shot blasting machine, pouring and riser cutting machine, etc. Sand removal and cleaning of sand castings is a process with poor working conditions, so when selecting modeling methods, consideration should be given to creating convenient conditions for sand removal and cleaning. Some castings are subject to post-treatment due to special requirements, such as heat treatment, shaping, rust prevention treatment, rough machining, etc. Modeling core is made on the basis of determining the modeling method and preparing the modeling materials according to the casting process requirements. The precision of castings and the economic effect of the whole production process mainly depend on this process. In many modern foundry workshops, the molding core has been mechanized or automated. Commonly used sand mold molding and core making equipment include high, medium and low pressure molding machines, sand throwing machines, box-free injection molding machines, core shooting machines, cold and hot core box machines, etc.
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