Uncover the 'Painted Skin' of all-copper lamps'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
All copper lamps have been introduced into China since the last century, and it has been more than 20 years. After so many years of continuous precipitation, it has long been separated from simplification in terms of form, style, style and manufacturing process, thus forming a diversified, multi-functional and multi-choice market pattern. However, there are too many hidden worries behind the prosperity: the products are too rich; Market management and norms cannot develop simultaneously; Business manufacturers are shoddy. As a result, the all-copper lamp market is mixed with good and bad, making it difficult for customers to distinguish many times! According to the current situation of the all-copper lamp industry, due to the shortage of copper materials and the high price, the cost of manpower and other aspects continues to rise. This also determines that its price is relatively expensive, and also limits the market consumer group. Some all-copper lamp factories choose to use copper only locally to reduce production costs. Therefore, the transformation of the all-copper lamp was completely realized, and a painting battle began. 1. Using electroplating technology to make imitation copper lamps is relatively popular in the all-copper lamp industry. Relatively cheap materials such as iron or zinc alloy are colored more than twice, so that ordinary consumers can not find the cat with the naked eye. But as long as we carefully distinguish, it is not difficult to see the difference. First of all, after the real all-copper lamp is colored, when we use our eyes to observe it, it reveals the unique metallic texture of brass. This kind of texture cannot be realized by other materials and processes. In addition, if we make a crisp sound when we beat it with a wooden stick, it means it is copper, otherwise it is not. 2. The surface treatment is not in place. As a full copper lamp can be durable, the key is whether the surface treatment is in place. In order to save costs, some manufacturers have saved pickling, blackening, polishing and other processes. The polished material is directly colored with a color-adjusted sealing oil. The biggest effect is that the surface ages quickly and the sealing oil falls off quickly. The method of identification is very simple. Find some places where oil is easy to accumulate at the corners and see if the color of the accumulated oil is dark red. If so, it means that it is a product colored with color essence. In a word, please don't be confused by the price. It is the main thing to judge by common sense.
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