SZ50317 all copper chandelier-Gospel of small apartment

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
Nowadays, housing prices are rising, and it is a happy thing to have one's own nest, even if the area is not large, even if it is not so luxurious and upscale. Nowadays, many commercial suites are generally small in area, with a floor height of 2. About, decorating and choosing lights has become a headache. In particular, due to the limitation of floor height, chandeliers with slightly higher height cannot be installed, otherwise the space will be too depressed and take up too much space. Today, Xiao Bian brings you a copper chandelier suitable for small-sized apartments. I believe you will also like it. At the beginning of May, Ms. Liu from Zhejiang took a fancy to this SZ50317 all-copper chandelier. The customer told us that her home was a commercial house with a small area and a floor height of 2. About. Because of the height limit, many people suggest that she install ceiling lamps or semi-chandeliers, but the customer still wants to find a suitable chandelier to install at home, which is not only atmospheric but also good-looking. After we understood the basic needs of our customers, at the same time, because the living room and dining room of our customers were connected together, we recommended SZ50731 series of all-copper chandeliers to our customers. The living room has a larger area, it's also the facade, I chose SZ50317- 10, the size is: W960 * H 480 the restaurant chose the same series of SZ50317- 06, size is: W 720 * H 480. After seeing the installation effect, the customer was very satisfied. As soon as it was installed, he sent us the installation effect diagram. It was very beautiful, of suitable size, and the lamp style was simple and generous, with just the right match. Let's enjoy Ms. Liu's installation of SZ50317-10 and SZ50317-06 Real shot effect. SZ50317-10 living room installation effect SZ50317-06 restaurant installation effect
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