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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-09
This is a desktop Emergency lamp with very little current and very bright light.
Suitable for power outages in developing countries and third world countries.
I used 80 extra bright white LED, a 6 volt dry rechargeable lead acid battery, and a built-in battery charger.
It is also possible to make an emergency torch full of energy by using the same circuit. (
View photos of different models. )PART LIST. 1-
Metal Box 5 \"L x 5\" B x 3 \"H = 1. (
Can be any size or shape)2-PVC (
Switch plate box)
10\"L x 8\"B x 2. 5\"H =ONE. 3-(220 v for AC to 9vAC)
9v transformer. 500 ml. Amps. =ONE. 4-
Diode IN4007 DC. FIVE. . 5-
Condenser or trap-100mfd 25volts. =ONE. 6-
Resistance 150 ohms. =80 PIECES. 7-
Resistance 390 ohms. =ONE piece 8-
Super bright white LED 5mm. =80 PIECES. 9-Red LED (
For charging indicator)=ONE. 10-
7 \"L x 3/4\" B x 1/2 \"H-Wooden batten. =ONE. 11-
Small metal hinges. =ONE. 12-On / Off (small)SPST Switch. =ONE. 13-One Meter(3 FEET)
Wire with 2 pin plug. =ONE. 14-
Lead Acid Battery (Dry type)6 volts 4. 5 AmH =ONE15-
Some thin lines for internal connections. 16-TOOLS :-
All types of tools used to assemble electronic circuits. STEP-
Take a flat sheet of paper and draw a picture of 10 by 8 = 80 points.
The spacing is up to you, but please note that the spacing is not too close because the LED is hot, and 1 \"by 3/4\" gap is OK.
Paste this chart with paper glue onto the lid of the PVC distribution panel box.
5mm drill holes. (
Size of LED)
Your LED light box is ready for wiring.
Clean the paper chart with a cloth soaked in water. NOTE:-
See photos for guidance. STEP -
Each of the 3 80 LEDs is welded with a resistance of 150 ohms (-)Negative legs.
LEDs are in parallel, so each LEDs should have their own resistance.
Then connect the LED shown in the photo.
After connecting the LED to the 6 Volt battery specified in the parts list, see if they all glow.
If some of them do not glow, check if there is loose contact or dry solder. NOTE:-
See photos for guidance. STEP-
4 assemble the charging unit according to the circuit diagram. FIVE --
D1 to d4 are diodes. IN4007 DC. ONE --
Condenser 100mfd 25 v. 80 PIECES --
Resistance 150 ohms. ONE --
Resistance 390 ohms. ONE --Red LED (
For charging indicator)
The positive line goes from the battery to the LED panel through the SPST switch.
The charging unit is connected to the battery via a diode to stop the reverse current.
The unit should only be connected to the power supply when charging the battery. STEP-
Assemble the lights of the stadium.
In this photo, you can see how the whole circuit is placed and connected in a metal box of 5 \"x 3.
The number below refers to the part in the photo. 1--
This is a lead-acid dry battery against leakage-6 volts 4. 5AmH. 2--
The on/off switch is placed on the front of the box. 3--
220v AC to 9v AC transformer. 4--
AC to DC converter and battery charging power supply circuit. 5--
Support the LED light box with wooden strips covered with PVC tape. 6--
The battery is connected to the wire of the LED light box through the on/off switch. 7--
AC power cord (wire)
Connected to AC transformer. 8--
A metal strip used to keep the battery moving in the box. 9--
3/16 \"size nuts and bolts hold the wooden strips at right angles. 10--
There are metal boxes for all parts. 11--
Red LED battery charging indicator. STEP-
The finished product will be like this.
By pasting the RA tape, we made a little landscaping and screwed a PVC hidden wire strip around the LED to protect it.
I hope you enjoy the performance of this light.
Different models and sizes of this lamp, I have sold about 160 pieces.
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