Simple copper new Chinese chandelier Hanmei proud Snow series officially launched

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-12
The new Chinese-style lamps are the condensation of Chinese traditional culture, so that the Chinese style can be better reflected, with unique characteristics of China. It is the development of traditional Chinese style and an image of contemporary Chinese life combining Art and Magnificence. Many people are familiar with the elements of new Chinese chandelier, which are auspicious clouds or back-to-back patterns, this HZ50901-of simple copper- The inspiration for the creation of the new Chinese chandelier comes from Hanmei. As the saying goes, plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold, and the lamp that can withstand tempering is the real good lamp. The full wrist cloth glass lampshade is like a plum blossom in bud. This new Chinese chandelier is more eye-catching with plum blossom lamp arm, which is thick and steady, with black main color and red plum blossom decoration. Amazing red, not exaggerated, not artificial, just right. The transparent crystal column is also a major feature of it, fresh and natural, making people shine. Simple copper new Chinese chandeliers are stepless color temperature adjustment, can also support light and shade adjustment, 2700 K- 6500K color temperature stepless dimming, Multi-Effect light color can meet different needs.
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