Quietly tell you the common sense of buying all-copper wall lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
Wall lamp is a kind of lamp installed on the wall, which is usually suitable for bedroom and toilet lighting. In terms of the number of Lamp caps, there are double-headed wall lamps and single-headed wall lamps. In terms of materials, all-copper wall lamps are commonly used, because wall lamps are auxiliary lighting, many sellers tend to ignore some small details when purchasing. The choice trend of price: the price of high-grade all-copper wall lamps in the market is generally around 90 yuan, and the price of low-grade all-copper wall lamps is around 30 yuan. In terms of structure and modeling, mechanical molding is generally cheaper and manual molding is more expensive. Iron forging wall lamps, all-copper wall lamps and sheepskin wall lamps are all medium and high-grade wall lamps, among which iron forging wall lamps sell better. From the installation effect, the installation height of all-copper wall lamps shall not be less than 1. , Generally speaking, wall lamps on the wall have various effects of projecting and blooming light, showing different styles according to different materials of residential decoration. Whether it is a light source for background, emphasis or indication, it is very suitable. They all have the effect of pulling the line of sight, which often makes the room look bigger because the decorative effect of this kind of lamps is far more obvious than the lighting function. It is really beautiful lighting that suggests that when you choose, it is necessary to look at the appearance of it installed on the wall before deciding. Therefore, when consumers choose all-copper wall lamps, they should distinguish the price from the workmanship and choose all-copper wall lamps suitable for their own homes from the decorative effect. I hope everyone can buy all-copper wall lamps that are satisfactory.
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