Quietly say how to buy living room lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
The living room is an important place where people often move. Every decoration in the living room should be very particular. Take the living room lamp as an example. The choice of living room lamp represents the taste of the owner, therefore, when choosing the living room lights, you must be cautious and cautious. The following Snooker and the United States will talk about the tips for choosing the living room lights. First, pay attention to the overall lighting and local lighting, the overall lighting is of course the light in the center of the living room, we can choose the lamps according to the height and area of the living room, if the height allows, the area is relatively large, so choosing a multi-head chandelier is a good choice, which looks more atmospheric; If the area is relatively small, it is advisable to consider ceiling lamps, so that the living room space will not appear too depressed. Local lighting can choose wall lamp, desk lamp and floor lamp, which not only play the role of auxiliary lighting, but also play the role of decoration. Second, quality and safety should bear in mind that the quality and safety of living room lights is an extremely important point in home life, and living room lights must ensure quality and safety. When purchasing, we should choose reliable quality, third, appearance and grade. In addition to the safety of lamps, the next thing we should consider is the appearance and grade of living room lamps. The living room is the facade of the family, the choice of too simple and elegant may not reflect your decorative style, and too gorgeous may appear too luxurious and grandiose, so the choice should also be simple and warm. At the same time, in order to facilitate daily cleaning and care, we can choose a style that is convenient to install and simple.
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