Quality and price competition of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
All-copper lamp is a kind of European-style high-grade lamp, but it is more and more popular from style to cost performance. Many buyers are concerned about the price of all-copper lamp, so all-copper lamp is divided into all-copper chandeliers according to different decoration spaces, five series of all-copper wall lamps and all-copper ceiling lamps, the workmanship of different all-copper lamps is also different. For example, all-copper glass solder lamps and all-copper elbow lamps use different technologies, moreover, non-standard customized all-copper lamps are required for the decoration of such high-rise and high-area space in Hotel Villas. Therefore, the price of each piece of all-copper lamps is different, the key is to look at the copper materials and processes used by all copper lamp manufacturers. Although there is no clear price tag for all copper lamps, buyers can find the seller closest to their own price by comparing with many lighting manufacturers. Therefore, when communicating with the seller, you must first understand some knowledge of all-copper lamps, so that the buyer has a bottom and lighting manufacturers to bargain.
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