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Overview of the lighting market

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01
 Hangzhou: market chaos, gaze shift According to the planning of the future development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the East China market has clearly become a must for lighting brands. There are 6 lighting markets in Hangzhou and nearly 400 dealers. With the rapid economic development of prefecture-level cities around Hangzhou, dealers They have realized that when the Hangzhou market becomes increasingly saturated and market disputes intensify, they have already shifted their strategic vision to the surrounding cities. Looking for strong brands. Discount sales. Forming a tighter distribution network is the most problematic problem in their current situation. In addition, talent training, expanding business area, collecting market information, understanding the situation of opponents, and adjusting market strategy are also the daily work of dealers. Fujian: price cuts, businesses kill each other. The production capacity of lamps in Fujian Province ranks in the forefront of the country, and it is mainly based on lighting. In Xiamen alone, the export value of energy-saving lamps in 2004 exceeded 100 million, which is 60% higher than the year before the implementation of anti-dumping. It has become an important export processing base for energy-saving lamps in the world. Therefore, the Fujian market is a difficult bone in the eyes of many lighting companies. At present, the subtle changes in the lighting industry will be performed in the region. Jiangsu: capturing information and seeking vitality As one of the major cities for economic growth in the Yangtze River Delta region, Jiangsu has the same important position as Zhejiang. In the early sales field, Jiangsu currently has the second largest lighting distribution center in addition to the ancient town, the Changzhou neighboring district lighting market: in Nanjing. Yangzhou In the same field, a number of “up-and-coming talents” in the lighting market have emerged; in the production field, Jiangsu’s outdoor lighting production capacity is extremely strong. Therefore, domestic and international lighting brands all regard it as a strategic focus, and based on this, Sales reach into Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places. As a local lighting distributor, the rapid capture of information is their current victory from other provinces and cities. Shanghai: Expanding the network and avoiding fighting From the distribution pattern of lighting brand marketing network, urban development prospects, radiation range and other factors, Shanghai is definitely a metropolis attracting talents. No lighting company is willing to give up. Mechanical competition in production and every move in Shanghai The market can respond clearly. Dealers are also like lighting brands, they must work hard to develop their own sales network, occupying the commanding heights of the sales field. Wuhan: Towards individualization 1. Personalization of the shape. 2. Design nostalgia 3. Color diversity 4. Functional combination 5. Energy saving Beijing: Lighting market is gradually over-branded 1. Lighting City occupies half of the country. By the end of last year, Beijing's large and small lighting market, more than 40 lighting shop workers, more than 10 large and medium-sized, 10,000 square meters of professional lighting city, a total of six, this year is still increasing by 300,000 The speed of the square meter operating area has increased. Due to fierce competition, the lighting city first worked hard on the varieties and responded quickly to famous brands from abroad and the South. Once new products appeared, they could be seen in the Beijing market within a few days. Secondly, Price is also one of the means of competition, small profits but quick turnover, there is a situation where good lights are not expensive. 2. The new competition in the booth market. The booth market has fewer circulation links and cheaper prices. Consumers naturally prefer it. However, because the professional lighting city is almost all merchants, each merchant operates independently, and some lighting management cities are lagging behind. Often poor after-sales service, and even some unscrupulous merchants sell low-priced unqualified products, the market environment is dirty, chaotic, poor, so that the high-consumption people who speak the taste are far away from it, and the customer groups are mostly limited to ordinary consumers.  (Editor: Lin Yi lylwj@lightingchina.com.cn )
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