opple lighting launches \'pipe\' - portable and flexible table lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-09
OPPLE Lighting-
Portable and flexible desk lamps in New Delhi [India], Feb 13 (ANI-NewsVoir)
: Opple, a global integrated lighting solution company and one of the world\'s leading LED lighting brands, launched their new pipeline desk lamp today.
This is a new addition to their LED desk lamp range.
This product is designed to provide intelligence and portability for daily life.
This lamp has a flexible angle that can be twisted according to its own convenience.
In addition to this, it provides a clip that can be attached to any type of base such as a table, laptop, etc.
This convenient light provides a non-flashing, uniform light output, which will not hurt the eyes in any case for the health of the human eye.
It also has another function to adjust the brightness as required.
Users can adjust their lighting to 10%, 40% or 100% using a simple touch button.
In this way, it protects vision and brings extra visual relaxation.
Available for Rs.
1455, the pipeline is also very easy to charge.
It is equipped with a 2.
0 USB jacks that can be connected to any power supply.
It takes almost no time and charge until the battery capacity reaches 500.
According to Rambo Zhang, head of Opple Lighting in India, Pipe is an innovative style lamp launched by the brand.
The price is so low that anyone can use it easily anywhere.
In addition to this, it also provides adjustable flash-free glare to protect human vision in the best possible way.
Keeping in mind the motto of our healthy lighting, we only introduce products that are sensitive to the human eye and provide them with maximum visual comfort, he added.
The power capacity of this product is 3 w, only white. (ANI-NewsVoir)
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