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[Olympic] Millennium lights illuminate dozens of miles Road Olympic city construction benefits the people

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04
 The official website on January 5th, at the beginning of the new year, there is good news. The reporter recently learned from the 2008 Environmental Construction Command and Municipal Management Committee of Haidian District, Beijing that as of the end of last year, the installation of 20 convenience street lamps in Haidian District in 2006 has been successfully completed. The total investment of the whole project is 17 million yuan. The total length of roads for installing street lamps is 29 kilometers. A total of 949 miles of street lamps are installed, which exceeds the total number of street lamps installed in the previous four years. The installation of these 20 convenience street lamps in Haidian District this year is based on the recommendations of the representative, the mayor’s sentiments and groups. The public demanded, carefully formulated according to the principle of priority. These street lights are mainly distributed in areas where there are no street lights, but there are street lights but not bright, and the surrounding areas. Before the implementation of the installation, the first census of more than 800 municipal roads in the district was carried out, and the “Investigation Form for Non-illuminated Facilities of Municipal Roads in Haidian District” was compiled. The situation of Haidian District was fully grasped, and detailed construction plans were formulated according to the actual situation. The people around the Fuzhong Road in Science and Technology are the beneficiaries of the installation of convenient streetlights in Haidian District this year. The Super High-Tech Road is 600 meters long and 6 meters wide. It is close to the Middle East Gate of Science and Technology. It is not far from Kunyu River in the north, surrounded by lanes and other residential areas, and has a stadium for the Olympic Games. The 73-year-old grandmother Li lived in the No. 10 courtyard of Lane Ditch. The old man said: 'I pass by here every night and go to the Kunyu River to go for a walk. I didn't dare to go here before the street lights, black lights, a little bit of fire. There is no sense of security. Now, the government has solved these problems.” Today, 23 9-meter-high poles on both sides of the Middle School of Science and Technology are standing tall, and the situation of residents touching the black road has become history. In this year's streetlight installation project, as a pilot project for the environmental remediation of rural areas in Beijing, 175 street lamps were installed in the village, and the entire Beiwu village was lit up. On the village road, 16 green environmentally-friendly energy-saving solar street lights appear quietly on both sides of the road. This kind of lamp does not need to generate electricity. It can be realized only by an internal solar concentrating plate. According to the professional: one piece The cost of solar concentrating panels is about 5,000 yuan, and the service life can reach 15 years. Compared with electric lighting, it is not only energy-saving, but also much more economical. Editor: Chen Dan
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