[Observation] A soft rib of LED engineering lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

China Lighting Network News (Special correspondent Chen Qing) A hot spot of global attention and major investment: LED industry.

LED driver power supply throughout the development of the LED industry chain, can be compared to the blood of the LED industry to develop smoothly, the lack of LED power links, the development of the upper, middle and lower reaches will be short-circuited, slow, can not achieve high-speed leap, therefore, in China's LED industry The gradual maturity of the chain today, mastering the advanced and reliable LED driver, will quickly seize the market, and thus quickly realize the industrialization of LED.

Dr. Li Gang, the general manager of Fangda Guoke, said that Fangda had suffered a lot of losses due to power problems, and it also took a lot of time and cost. The power supply problem became a weakness of LED engineering lighting.

At the same time, in the process of visiting Shenzhen Quantum Optoelectronics Liuzhen, we are also deeply aware of the importance of power problems. Mr. Liu told us, 'Our LED lamp bead chip is no problem, but the power supply is damaged in advance. Although the LED lamp itself is still good, but the display is in front of the customer is your lamp is not working, the lamp is broken, can not be used. So, the power supply Still a more confused question.'

Dr. Xiaojing from Hong Kong visited our company and gave us more thoughts:

Power problems, also appear in Lumei, Jiuzhou, Lianchuang, Guoxingguang, Heshan Yinyu and many other large enterprises. Many companies have set up a power supply R&D team, which not only caused huge investment in funds, but also greatly extended the industrial cycle of LED applications, and brought various follow-up problems caused by unreliable power supplies.

Problems that should be solved:
1. The problem of electrostatic protection and open circuit protection of LED lamp beads in the packaging process;
The device with electrostatic protection developed allows the LED to prevent static electricity while avoiding the failure of the entire string due to one of the damages (open circuit).

2. The high voltage AC input provides a constant current source;
Provides the best constant current source driver for LEDs, keeping them in the best working condition; providing a reliable basis for LED popularization and application.

3. Power schemes in engineering applications;
Due to differences in weather, differences in voltages across the area, different working environments of LEDs, various special indicators and requirements for design and application in actual engineering.

4. LED backlight power supply scheme for LCD display;
Efficient and small-sized driver ICs provide the perfect space for LEDs to quickly replace CCFLs as backlights.

5. The car can be driven by a constant current source;
One of the key difficulties in the LED field is that the voltages used in various parts are inconsistent. The universal single-liter or single-drop constant current source on the market will be self-regulating chips that can be upgraded and lowered. Instead, it is a new type of constant current source.

6. Constant current source for industrial special LED applications.
In some high-level indicators, such as ship and military applications where the requirements of the product are very demanding, in some cases of voltages up to 500V, the presence of LEDs is a huge difficulty and challenge, our constant The source of the flow can be used.

At the same time, the application of LEDs should be extended: for example, shipbuilding industry, military industry, automotive field, LCD liquid crystal display.

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