O2O: lighting joins in 'changing new clothes' to send benefits!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
March a of cira mei ju complete copper lamp is busy of from plan to preparatory finally cira mei ju create a new of lighting to join mode-O2O. We have specially customized new clothes for O2O dealers. From the production of signboards to the decoration of the store, every step and every detail is carefully crafted by snooker. Snooker Meiju customizes the decoration plan according to the size and style of the dealer's store. As our O2O distributors, this has undoubtedly solved their big troubles. Many dealers will have the trouble of shop decoration, always struggling to choose what style to decorate their own style, not only out of date, but also eye-catching. In order to match the style of the full copper lamp, we designed the new clothes; The styles are all European-style, and the decoration is also very classy, which makes people feel high-end and elegant. When you walk into the store, you will have a noble feeling, with the retro luxury of all-copper lamps, let you experience the feeling of a VIP. New clothes for snooker and all-copper lamps; Not only should customers remember, but also let customers fall in love. The feeling of being in the royal family is an extraordinary enjoyment. There is a saying in the all-copper snooker lamp: the all-copper lamp follows the middle and high-end route and is suitable for the three highs; Crowd. Which three are high? High taste, high cultivation and high culture. Snooker Mercure all copper lamp new clothes; What we want to create is not just commercial publicity, but to let customers who enter the store really experience the feeling of being home, so that customers can know whether the full copper lamp in the store is also suitable for their own home when they enter the store. Yes, snooker's new clothes with all-copper lamps; It is also the customer's new clothes! You also want to get a new copper lamp for snooker; Is it? Join snooker Mercure O2O! For more information about the joining mode of snooker Mercure O2O lighting, please call 400-800-7609.
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