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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-10
In the past, the moon and stars were the brightest bulbs in the sky.But as anyone who flies through a city one night knows, there are a lot of outdoor lights shining these days...In the past, the moon and stars were the brightest bulbs in the sky.But as anyone who flies through a city one night knows, there are a lot of outdoor lights coming out of the ground these days.Many people think that the orange night sky is ugly, not harmful.But recent scientific research has shown that light pollution is more than just an annoyance.It destroys wildlife, destroys human health, and costs us a lot of extra money.That is why more and more cities and towns in the United States are drafting regulations to try to restore the night sky.They require that all new outdoor lighting devices installed in commercial and residential buildings only shine light where it is needed, not into the atmosphere.These regulations are called the dark sky movement, which varies from town to town, but often require similarity.No outdoor lighting device can shine above the horizontal line.On the contrary, everything must shine.\"We\'re not saying you can\'t have this aesthetic value, you just light it up from top to bottom,\" explains Johanna dafk, part coordinator of the International Dark Sky Association, AZ Tucson.based non-A profit group at the forefront of the movement.Although the original purpose of the International Dark Sky Association is to keep astronomers in the original state of the night sky, today, the dark sky movement is making progress because more consumers are interested in reducing energy use, when you no longer waste the light in the sky, you can use lower wattage bulbs to achieve the same level of external lighting.For example, if a homeowner uses an outdoor sconce with openings on both the top and bottom, he must use 100watt bulb.But if he switches to a dark sky light that only allows light to shine from the bottom of the light fixture, the homeowner can use 40-watt bulb.Tom Patterson, product development director at Hinkley lighting, explains that it is a more efficient use of light, and Hinkley lighting has provided some dark sky light fixtures.You can use the third wattage or half wattage and get the same amount of lumens.Patterson said consumer awareness of the dark sky movement remains low, but he said that awareness of local government leaders has been growing, forcing manufacturers to roll out more and more dark skies --The outdoor facilities are friendly.Now in Arizona, in all the new buildings, you have to qualify for the dark sky, Patterson said.It seized more momentum.Hinhinkley, for example, says it can bring about 25% of outdoor lighting to dark sky standards.The retailer\'s cost of changing conventional fixtures to dark sky fixtures is about $15 to $20.At present, there is no official government standard for fixing the dark sky, but the International Dark Sky Association has been negotiating with the Department of Energy to incorporate the dark sky philosophy into the Energy Star project.The International Dark Sky Association also independently evaluates the manufacturer\'s fixtures and issues an approval seal to all who meet their requirements.So far, Duffek said that the International Dark Sky Association has issued an approved fixture seal to 75 different lighting manufacturers, although many of them are commercial applications, duffek said, the organization hopes to increase the participation of residential lighting manufacturers.For example, hub bardton Forge made a sconce that has been approved with a black sky fixed seal with slateThe colored ceramic guard around the bulb forces the lamp to go out.The Minka Group has several outdoor lights with metal crowns on them, blocking the upward light.Both Patterson and Duffek say the maximum resistance to the dark sky fixtures comes from the manufacturer, but from the homeowner, who is concerned that less external lighting around the house will make them less secure.But Duffek says homeowners need to understand that blocking the light into the sky does not mean blocking all external lighting.The dark sky movement advises homeowners to purchase outdoor lights with motion sensors that will continue to work if someone enters your yard, Duffek says, which helps to alert you to the dangers, reduce your energy consumption at the same time.Duffek says all you do when you keep lighting is lighting for the bad guys.Duffek said that the biggest challenge now is to educate the public about the benefits of reducing light pollution and encourage manufacturers to continue to design fixtures that meet the requirements.\"We always try to show it as a win-win, win-win solution,\" she said .\".
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