Material preparation and operation of all copper chandelier before installation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
All-copper chandeliers have high artistic collection and appreciation value. Nowadays, many people choose all-copper chandeliers for decoration, but many people do not know about the installation of all-copper chandeliers, the following small series will tell you what materials you need to prepare before installing all copper chandeliers. (1) Preparation of all-copper chandelier installation materials: ① wood, aluminum alloy, steel, etc. These materials are mainly used as chandelier support components. (2) plastic, plexiglass plate and glass are used as spacers, outer decorative veneer, heat dissipation plate and copper plate, and electrochemical aluminum plate is used as decorative components. (3) accessories also need to be used in the installation process are: screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesives, etc. Common installation tools for all-copper chandeliers: pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, electric jig saws, electric hammers, handholds, rulers, paint brushes, etc. Structural Layer Connection (2) Operation method: mainly consider the connection between embedded parts and transition parts. (1) embedded iron or wood brick in the structural layer (Except for water brick bearing). The burial position should be accurate and there should be sufficient adjustment. (3) set transition connecting pieces on iron parts and wooden bricks in order to adjust the handling error, which can be nailed, welded and screwed through with the handling. (3) the hanger Rod and sling are connected with the transition connector.
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