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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-07
If your kitchen is small and there is no space to relax or socialize, then the most important aspect of your lighting scheme will be mission lighting.
The function kitchen can use LED lights almost.
Use LED downlights under the wall cabinet to illuminate the working surface, and when combined with the orientation points installed in the ceiling, you should have all the task lighting you need.
Halogen points are ideal for this, and they can be low voltage varieties that work from a 12 volt transformer if you wish.
You still need mission lighting if you\'re lucky enough to have a large family kitchen, but you also need soft ambient light to read, relax and socialize.
The halogen point will provide you with this light again.
You can also introduce some LED ribbon or strip form key lighting under the floor cabinet or above the wall cabinet, where they will provide gentle lighting on the wall and ceiling.
All in all, whether you like LED kitchen lighting or halogen light kitchen lighting, both of these are ideal for mission lighting and ambient lighting.
For key lighting, you can create some amazing effects with LED lights.
Design LED lighting for your kitchen!
Have you ever thought about how they achieve kitchen lighting in smooth magazines?
It\'s really simple, they use LEDs!
LED lights have had a long way to go since the past.
LED kitchen lighting is available in a variety of colors and styles, which is why interior designers like it.
LED lights can be soft and not noticeable, or you can achieve real super power by using high power LED lightingbrightness.
LEDs have different features, but they are as good as halogen lamps.
In the kitchen, whether used as a spotted wall cabinet or a ceiling downlight, LED lights are ideal for mission lighting;
This is because the led is able to \"locate\" better than traditional fluorescent strips or incandescent lamps \".
For designers, you can use LED ribbons and strips or strategically place LED clusters.
LED kitchen lighting is also very efficient, the lights are much longer than incandescent lamps, there will be no sudden failure;
Instead, at the end of their useful lives, they tend to fade away.
You can also use the cable in the 12 volt transformer to run the LED lights, so the LED lights can also be much safer than standard lighting and are very energy efficient.
Halogen lamp: Brilliant!
The kitchen lighting needs to be highly concentrated and functional;
Both terms describe halogen lamps.
However, despite the features of the halogen lamp, it also provides good ambient light when used as a recessed or flush ceiling lamp.
You can hole in the ceiling with impunity, and once your kitchen layout is in place, it\'s unlikely to change for decades!
Please make sure, however, that your halogen lamp comes with a BS476 Part 21 or 22 Kitemark.
In terms of ambient light, you can make it more controllable by installing a dimmer.
The clean and tidy look of the halogen lamp looks absolutely amazing, from the designer\'s point of view, you can install LED kitchen lighting under cabinet task lighting or key lighting, stand under your floor and say.
Halogen lamps are produced in both power supply voltage and low voltage versions.
Low voltage halogen lamps require wires in a 12 volt transformer, but they are very energy efficient and very safe. .
The cool, refreshing white light from halogen lamps is ideal for all working spaces, especially the kitchen.
In fact, it is the artificial light closest to daylight.
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