Kazakhstan's famous space designer Yergali came to our company to finalize the engineering lighting plan

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
In April 1, the famous space designer of Kazakhstan, Mr. Yerga, led his design team and a group of 8 people to our company to finalize a high-end hotel engineering lighting scheme in Astana, its capital. This is the fifth time that designers have cooperated with our company in the production of engineering lamps and lanterns in the field of engineering lamps and lanterns. The hotel engineering lamps and lanterns produced this time are mainly made of brass. Most of the engineering lamps and lanterns produced this time are mainly transformed and upgraded from the prototype of all-copper lamps and lanterns produced by our company. Mr. Yerga said that after the transformation of our company's all-copper lamp styling products, this batch of engineering lamps is more suitable for the hotel's decoration style, and at the same time it can better penetrate the Kazakh snow culture. Because the engineering lamps have changed a lot, and many Kazakh elements have been added, their shape is unique and the construction is difficult. In order to better express these engineering lamps and lanterns, Mr. Yerga personally led the elites of his design team to the site of our company to have in-depth communication with our designers on every detail of these engineering lamps and lanterns.
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