It is the right way for lighting companies to do well in existing brands.

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-21


If you want to operate a multi-brand business, you must first look at whether the company has the ability to operate multiple brands, and then it is the question of whether or not to operate. When companies have this ability and condition, they can consider multi-brand operations. But for most SMEs, it is the king of the existing brand. Brand expansion or new branding requires huge investment and more risks.

The benefits of multi-brand operation: can avoid the eggs in the same basket, while the brands support each other, complement each other, and maximize the control and possession of the market. The shortcoming is that it operates relative to a single brand and needs to take on more risks. It requires relatively decentralized investment in management, resources, manpower, and financial resources, and it has put a test on the enterprise. In addition, it will disperse the market's attention to the main brand to a certain extent, and can not effectively play the role of multi-brand operation.

At present, multi-brand operation in the wall sconce industry has put forward higher requirements for enterprises in terms of brand positioning and development orientation. For an industry, many small markets can be subdivided. Each company can be positioned as a leader in a small market, without having to seek high and low, high school and low pass. Therefore, most of the wall sconce industry is still a single brand operation. Even if a company appears as a different brand, it is still separated by product positioning rather than by brand. It is still a brand in essence. Of course, with the continuous expansion of the industry and the influx of companies in the industry, there will be large enterprises in the future that are very successful in multi-brand operations such as P&G. (Edit zyhok)

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