Interpretation of the classic copper restaurant chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
We often feel that when we accompany friends, customers and family members to eat out, we often choose a place close to the hotel window. This seemingly normal behavior just reflects people's subconscious behavior, that is, everyone is naturally looking for a bright place, and people will like some places with sufficient light. The designer of snooker is using this kind of subconscious of people to repeatedly refine the classic American style, the following classic all-copper restaurant chandelier was created. The following group of photos were taken by an owner of Shenzhen waterfront Star City, when we put this all-copper restaurant chandelier, the owner of the House used a very poetic language to describe his infinite imagination of the restaurant. In order to let their family get a warm and bright feeling, we chose this all-copper restaurant chandelier in addition to the hard-fitting of the French window, and at the same time equipped with a transparent lampshade as a transparent material. The lines are round and lovely, and the glass is dizzy with light. On the white ceiling and beige wallpaper, the clear glow of a room flows out. In addition, the simulation orchid uses bright yellow to give the soft atmosphere a bright embellishment. The concise series of dining chairs and dining tables is an interpretation of the classic style. In this atmosphere, family members can immerse themselves in the good mood of enjoying delicious food every moment.
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