Interpretation of American style design for all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
Features of American decoration style: the living room is simple and lively, the kitchen is open, the bedroom is warm, the study is simple and practical, the characteristics of American style furniture, the materials are mostly solid wood, the style is rough and atmospheric, the classical charm is advocated, and the lighting is mostly new classical style and country style. the style is simple and practical. Snooker Mercure all-copper lamp interprets American style design features for everyone. The living room is simple and lively, and the living room is used as a hospitality area. The lamps and lanterns are generally simple and lively. At the same time, the decoration is brighter and brighter than other spaces, and a large amount of stone and wood veneer are usually used for decoration; Americans like things with a sense of history, which not only reflects the love of antique art on soft ornaments, at the same time, it is also reflected in the decoration's preference for various antique wall and floor tiles and stone materials and the pursuit of various imitation old techniques. In general, the American pastoral style living room is spacious and full of historical flavor. Bedroom layout warm American home bedroom layout is more warm, as the owner's private space, mainly to functional and practical comfort as the focus of consideration, the general bedroom with warm ceiling lights to decorate, at the same time, it is very uniform in soft clothing and color. Kitchen open kitchen is generally open in the eyes of Americans (Due to its cooking habits) At the same time, it is necessary to have a dining table in a corner of the kitchen, as well as powerful, simple and durable kitchen utensils, such as residue crusher under the sink, oven, etc. The American sideboard needs a spacious location to accommodate the double-door refrigerator and sufficient operating countertops. There is also a lot of emphasis on decoration, such as wall tiles and cabinet door panels that like antique surfaces, solid wood door fans or white molded door fans, imitation wood grain colors. In addition, kitchen windows also like to configure curtains. The study is simple and practical. The Study of American home is simple and practical, but the soft clothes are quite rich. All kinds of furnishings that symbolize the owner's past life experience are available, old books curled up, yellow navigation maps, oil paintings of rural scenery, and a quill pen. . . . . . . Even lighting decorations, these things are enough to add points to the American style of the study.
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