Interpretation of all-copper chandeliers for you

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
At present, although there are many other types of lighting in home decoration, all copper chandeliers are the only choice for many home decoration. The unique classical, elegant and luxurious features of all-copper chandeliers are favored by people. The following snooker Meiju will explain to you the common sense of all-copper chandeliers for home lighting decoration. 1. Selection method of all-copper chandelier: the height of suspension, the material and method of lampshade and lamp ball should be carefully selected to avoid uncomfortable glare. The height of the chandelier should be appropriate, about 55- 60 cm, so you can choose a style that can be adjusted freely. 2. All-copper chandeliers are suitable for living rooms with the most styles. All-copper European chandeliers, all-copper Chinese chandeliers and all-copper American chandeliers are commonly used. 3. Maintenance and cleaning of all-copper chandeliers: All-copper chandeliers with beautiful styles usually have complicated shapes and lampshades. If they are not cleaned at ordinary times, lamps and lanterns are often easy to oxidize and rust, the lampshade is getting darker due to dust. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly. The lamp body can be wiped with a dry cloth. One is moisture-proof, and the other is to wipe the dust on the lamp. The lampshade can be removed and cleaned separately.
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