In-depth analysis of the characteristics of Chinese lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Chinese lamps and lanterns refer to lamps and lanterns with rich Chinese elements. Generally, lamps and lanterns have patterns with Chinese characteristics, which conform to the domestic people's sense of identity with their own culture. Therefore, in recent years, chinese lamps are favored by more and more people. Chinese lamps pay attention to carving, painting and elegant shape. Each lamp can make people miss the past and have a beautiful yearning for the future. Antique Chinese lamps are close to nature, simple and cordial, seemingly simple but rich in connotation. The addition of Chinese elements makes the overall space feel more abundant, big but not empty, thick but not heavy, with style and no depression. Simple, fashionable, noble and luxurious Chinese lamps can create a warm, retro and antique atmosphere for the space. Chinese lamps have many remarkable characteristics. For example, the classic patterns of Chinese lamps include dragon, phoenix, Great Wall, etc. In addition, there are symmetrical structural shapes that cannot be ignored. Chinese people are affected by moderation, balance and symmetry. Therefore, lamps are mostly designed to be symmetrical left and right, in order to reflect the beauty of balance in ancient Chinese art. Chinese lamps are mostly contrasting with strong colors, which are bright and fresh, giving people a pastoral and simple feeling.
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