If you want a matching all-copper glass solder lamp, you can find 07010 series

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
Many people's overall home improvement customers will ask a question when choosing a lamp: I want to match the main lamp. Is there any recommendation? Some of the packages mentioned here refer to the styles that can be matched, and some refer to the same series of lamps and lanterns. Today, snooker House recommends the same series of all-copper glass solder lamps 07010 series. The same series of all-copper glass solder lamps have a more unified feeling when matched, and many customers like this match. The 07010 series chandelier is quite special. It is a large lampshade similar to the bottom pot. It is equipped with a small glass side cover. The style is very atmospheric, mainly in the living room, this lamp has several specifications to choose from. There is a ceiling lamp, the ceiling lamp is a full copper glass solder lampshade, frosted glass and copper carved accessories, this is mostly installed in the bedroom. Of course, there are also corresponding semi-hanging models for the ceiling type. The general shape of the semi-hanging model is the same as that of the ceiling type. The semi-hanging model adds all-copper suspenders, make the whole lamp body look much higher. In the end, it is natural to have a matching wall lamp. The wall lamp is the small side cover of the living room chandelier we mentioned earlier. This wall lamp is mostly placed indoors. The crystal glass lampshade is covered with all copper. The back plate is one of its highlights. The fine carved thick all-copper back plate. This wall lamp has three specifications, namely Single Head, double head and three heads. Can be placed on the bed, corridor aisle, stairs and other places. This is the 07010 series of all-copper glass solder lamps. Is it very exciting? Don't hesitate, want to know more about the same series of copper glass solder lights to find snooker. National toll-free hotline: 400-800-7609.
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