ideas for running a successful skating rink

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-24
A good ice rink not only makes people of different ages and abilities have fun, but also makes them want to return to your ice rink again.
If it\'s fun for a person to skate at your skating rink, then next time they come, they will bring a friend or two.
Your business is growing every week.
There are many ways to make sure the skater has a good time and wants to return to your rink.
Free roller skating classes are a pleasure when you know how to fall outdoors.
Having someone provide the basics of skating to the freelancer will help people to skate faster.
These people who get free classes are more willing to come back and skate more in the future.
In addition, by providing freelancers, you can connect with your customers, who are more likely to return to your skating rink because they like to build friendship development with the owners and employees of the skating rink.
If a customer wants soda or bottled water, you \'d better have it ready.
You also want to sell snacks like cornflakes, hot dogs and candy bars.
Customers will provide snacks and drinks for sale during their stay at the skating rink.
A large part of your income will come from snack bars.
If your price is outrageous, people will buy less and will not come in the future.
If you offer a reasonable price, parents will be happy to buy hot dogs and soda for the kids there.
Some people use roller skating as a way to keep fit and lose weight.
With these customers in mind, you should also buy some healthy snacks at snack bars, as well as bottled water, juice, and maybe some energy drinks.
The energetic DJ Hostelling rink will now start the music and then have it play automatically all night under the DJ\'s little tono interaction.
If you have an energetic DJ, he can get the roller skater excited and have fun.
The DJ can dim the lights and kick the disco lights.
DJ can organize short games like roller skating.
The DJ can accept the music request.
If it is the birthday of the roller-skating athlete, DJcan wishes the roller-skating athlete a happy birthday.
DJ\'s job at the rink is an important position that is often overlooked when the rink is considering cost cutting.
DJ should not stay behind DJdesk.
DJ should always walk around in skates.
Hecan looks for debris that may fall on the floor.
He can help the skater who fell.
The DJ can also be stupid and fun to make theroller skaters laugh.
DJ can encourage new skaters and help build confidence through encouraging words.
DJs can announce what special offers are available at snack bars.
DJs can promote other activities at the skating rink, such as skating time on \"western Wednesday\" or Saturday.
The skating rink DJ is one of the most important employees of the skating rink.
Well maintained ice rink you need to re
Wear a coat for your board shoes floor at least once a year.
If you are a skating enthusiast then you have to go skating often.
Every time you ski, you will want several people to skate on the floor with a big push broom and clean up all the pieces.
Usually, most skaters have a few who voluntarily sweep the floor.
They skate a little longer, and when everyone else has to leave, standing on the floor makes them feel good.
If you get your ice rink to its best, it is not only potentially dangerous for skaters, but it will lose your income because skaters quit or go to different ice rinks.
Comfortable seating you will want to have a seat on your building.
Roller skating athletes are tired and need a rest.
People need to find a place to sit when they wear skates.
Parents who don\'t skate need a place to sit down and watch the kids skate and drink soda at your snack bar.
Let everyone feel welcome at your skating rink.
If the customer is welcomed, you form a quasi-friendship with them, they will come back and they will bring more friends when they come back.
All kinds of pop music you want to play the music that everyone likes.
You can also have themed nights where you can play some music while people are skating.
For example, you can play country music on \"western Wednesday.
You can enjoy 70 nights with music with disco lights flashing.
If you have a late \"adult only\" roller skating slot, you can play edgiermusic that is not suitable for young roller skaters.
A good DJ can feel the \"atmosphere\" of the crowd, play music suitable for the age group, and music that most people generally like.
There are a lot of things you can do to run a successful skating rink, but you need to remember that customers are your business.
If you are kind to every customer, your skating rink business will be successful.
If you are not good to others, they will not come back.
If they don\'t come back, you will not only lose the money they will spend, but also the money your friends will spend.
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