I heard that the all-copper living room chandelier will be more suitable

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Today, the whole decoration design style tends to be simple, and the European and American style decoration also incorporates simple and simple elements. European and American styles include Nordic, Western Europe, North America and other different styles. Among them, the Nordic style is more concise and is favored by young people and fashion people. If your house is small, it is not suitable for European style decoration, but you may as well make more efforts in home decoration, such as all-copper living room chandeliers, because soft decoration plays an important role in the whole European style. It can be some all-copper living room chandeliers with soft lines or soft light. Like this antique all-copper chandelier, it is a good choice, with a little shape and a little simplicity. All-copper hanging lamp body: in European-style decorated rooms, all-copper living room chandeliers with complicated lines and heavy looks should be selected to match them. And it does not exclude Gold, carved and even looks more grand. On the contrary, this is exactly the style. Color matching of all-copper chandelier lampshade: The background color of European style is mostly white and light, while the lampshade of all-copper living room chandelier can be white or dark, but it should be in series and the style should be unified. At the same time, the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important. The fabrics of linen and canvas are not suitable for the time, and the silk lampshade will appear noble. In the matching of furniture and all-copper chandeliers, the choice is also skillful: first, the matching of all-copper living room chandeliers and furniture: it should be commensurate with the European details of hard decoration. It is better to choose dark red, with Western retro patterns and Westernized shapes, which completely corresponds to the pastoral style of European all-copper chandeliers; Brown solid wood side tables and dining tables with fine hand carving patterns are better. Second, the collocation of all-copper living room chandeliers and wallpapers: you can choose some more distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room, such as wallpapers with biblical stories and characters, which are typical European styles. In the North American style, the combination of striped wallpaper and all-copper chandelier further reflects the line feeling of all-copper chandelier. Three, all copper living room chandelier and floor matching: if it is a duplex house, the floor of the first floor hall can be laid with stone, which will look atmospheric. If it is an ordinary room, the living room and dining room are still paved with wooden floors. If some use floors, some use floor tiles. This is, in many European-style decorations, it can reflect its retro elements. From the subtle places, it should be combined with all-copper chandeliers to complete the matching style of the whole space. Tips for warm matching: small floral tablecloths have a natural and intimate feeling. On light-colored plain tablecloths, stars or some floral flowers with soft colors are printed on the hem of the tablecloth, the warm pastoral style is quietly coming. Broken flower tablecloths, or decorations printed with Broken Flowers, have always been the trend of the pastoral style. Whether it is a tablecloth printed with sporadic broken flowers or a tablecloth printed with broken flowers on the hem, or other decorations printed with small Broken Flowers, you can point your home decoration into a warm and peaceful pastoral home. For European pastoral style admirers, isn't the pastoral style like this?
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