Guzhen lighting festival grand opening Su Bing use more 'Asian'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
Guzhen lighting festival grand opening 'Asian' Su Bing add use 0 0 - 0 on Friday night, lights are China, (0 Zhongshan guzhen) International lighting culture festival opening, the activity will continue to date. That night, his Asian Su Bing participated in the ceremony of lighting, the annual event of my hometown. Since 0 years, China's lights are ancient town international lighting culture festival held as scheduled, each year attracting tourists increase year by year, from the first session of the 00000, the second 0. Ten thousand people, the third. Ten thousand people, the increase of the feast of lamplight, has created countless whole spectacle. The light an international perspective, of the top of the innovation design, the front light science and technology and the integration of local culture characteristic, deduce a bright dream, cool shock of lighting art feast. The previous: raise the export tax rebates to %, lamps and lanterns, execute the next month, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau: batch of lamps and lighting products unqualified product recommendations
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