gold chandeliers, well-stocked bars, givenchy tableware and in-seat massages: the ultimate business class perks which have made flat bed seats appear passé

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-08
Business class passengers can now expect more than just a good night\'s sleep.
The most luxurious airline in the world is providing the service you originally expected for the passengers at work.
On a flight from Qatar Airlines, you will get food and snacks carefully prepared by international chefs such as asNobu Matsuhisa, Tom Aikens, vinet Bhatia and Ramzi chouFancy a drink?
You can go directly to the lounge, where a luxurious central bar is decorated with flowers and chandeliers are decorated in gold.
Scroll down to see the videoetibusiness business flyer for a fully reclined bed and the ability to adjust the seat hardness
Just press the button to enjoy the seat massage and lighting.
There\'s a man 18-
Inch touch screen TV with noise-
Cancel headphones
With Emirates, business travelers on A380 and Boeing 777 will lie --flat bed -
Laptop power, work desk and your own mini laptop are available to all business travelersbar.
For those who feel more sociable, there is a boat lounge with the best champagne and a bar for on-demand cocktails.
Emirates food by award-
Successful chefs who honed their techniques to maintain the original flavor of each ingredient and maintain its nutritional value.
From BBQ to BBQ
Vide technology, focus on food-
Therefore, the business flyer does not need to be crushed by too many rolls during the flight.
The typical menu may be the seafood collection, followed by the tender lamb, along with a variety of fine cheeses from around the world for dessert
All the food is placed on the tray of the Royal Dalton China hotel with exquisite linen.
Cathay Pacific offers brand-name white porcelain meals and dry-free wine glasses for business travelers to breathe.
At the same time, Singapore business class passengers can look forward to the Tattinger Prelude \"Grands Crus\" of champagne services, as well as the famous Singapore Airlines satay, Givenchy\'s tableware and honeymoon cake, for example, the Air New Zealand business premium cabin displayed by the crew on the plane features a luxurious leather armchair that can be converted into a fully lying flat bed with a memory foam mattress.
The chef provides a great deal of service.
Hot cake from breakfast to char-
The dinner was sui duck and a long wine list with New Zealand wines to add all the food.
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