Glass technology of glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-19
When it comes to glass solder lamps, we have to mention the important components of glass solder lamps-- Glass, in the glass solder lamp manufacturing process, the process of the glass part is also very elegant, such as cutting shape, frosting, baking bending, pickling, etc. Baking bending: baking bending is to bend or mold the glass by heating the glass to a certain temperature to soften it. The glass is amorphous and has no fixed melting point. When the temperature is high enough, the glass will melt from solid state to liquid state. At this time, it will be cast into the mold prepared in advance. After cooling, it will be demoulded to obtain molded glass products. Pickling: the purpose of pickling is to make the whole glass solder lamp body achieve the effect of making it old. Visually, it has more European style flavor. Today, the pickling process of glass is also widely used in major factories, the surface of the glass after sandblasted with acid is more delicate and exquisite than that after sandblasted. After the glass is soaked in hydrofluoric acid, the surface can become transparent and shiny, different acid formulas can form different effects on the glass surface. Frosted, frosted glass is also called frosted glass and dark glass. It is made of ordinary flat glass through mechanical sandblasting, manual grinding or hydrofluoric acid dissolution and other methods to treat its surface into a uniform surface. The frosting effect is to ensure closer contact between frosted glass and gas collecting cylinder. Because the bottle mouth of the gas collecting cylinder is also Frosted, the frosted side is also used when frosted glass is used. The gas collected in this way is not easy to leak out.
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