Give you a different lighting joining mode

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
Spring March spring hit congratulations cira mei ju O2O dealers Shanxi Taiyuan of Han total success get. A O2O order! Snooker Mercure O2O is so powerful, orders one after another, so that dealers can easily make money! Snooker Meiju 020 Lighting Alliance mode adopts the mode of online marketing and offline transaction. The internet is used to link online customers with physical stores, increase the exposure rate of physical stores, enhance popularity, and thus broaden sales channels. The customer directly pushes the transaction to the O2O dealer. The customer needs to go to the physical store to look at the lights, directly lead the customer to the physical store to make a deal, and the Real sitting can collect the money! Snooker Mercure O2O lighting joins in, making making money easier! The customer Miss Wang chose the style on Tmall in early March, because the check-in time is relatively long, the customer has been screening the style and matching, finally, I confirmed all the styles today and took the payment quickly. As soon as the customer pays, he informs Han of the good news and pushes the order to Han. Mr. Han said that the model of snooker and O2O lighting is really good. It is really sincere to let the dealers earn money. Usually, some customers ask if there is a physical store, as long as the customer is in Taiyuan, Shanxi, immediately introduce the customer to my store, and the customer will come to the door to choose the money, so that it is easy to get a customer source. Are you still worried about finding information about lighting? Are you still struggling with not knowing which lighting brand to join? Don't worry any more, don't worry any more, come to snooker, snooker O2O makes it easy for you to make money and achieve win-win cooperation! Snooker lighting joining hotline: 400-800-7609.
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