Everyone shouted that the decoration should be light and luxurious. What is the luxury decoration style?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
Now everyone is shouting that the decoration should be light and luxurious, especially the choice of many young people. But in fact, many people do not know the luxury; How does the word behave, what is the luxury decoration style, and what are the characteristics? Today, snooker Meiju Xiaobian introduces what is the luxury decoration style? First, what is the luxury decoration style? What everyone said about luxury is actually based on the extremely simple style, abandoning some complex elements such as European style and French style and replacing them with more concise and tough straight lines, for example, smooth door panel modeling and simple wall panels are selected without too much carving and decoration. The texture is highlighted through some delicate soft decoration elements, and unexpected functions and details are also concentrated, thus demonstrating a high-quality lifestyle. The light luxury style pays attention to the simplicity of the hard decoration method, but it is not as casual as the general minimalist style. Under the seemingly simple and simple appearance, it often reflects a hidden elegant aristocratic temperament, which is mostly realized through some delicate soft clothing elements, second, what are the characteristics of the light luxury decoration style? 1. Concise the main decoration of this decoration style is relatively simple, but it is not as casual as modern simplicity. The wallpaper and furniture used for decoration are graceful and will be decorated with some textiles and fur, under the seemingly simple appearance, it gives people a feeling of low-key luxury and connotation. 2. The fusion of modern and classical this style is a perfect fusion of modern style and classical style. Hard clothes will be more modern, and furniture and soft clothes will be more classical, the overall feeling is very fashionable, luxurious and tasteful. 3. Bright colors are usually expressed by high-grade black and high-grade Gray, especially the sharp contrast between black and white, which always gives the space a graceful and neat feeling. Choose neutral colors with advanced sense, such as camel, ivory white, milk coffee, black and carbon gray, to interpret a low-key luxury; , Make the space texture more full.
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