Every copper lamp is a work of heart

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
Many customers say that the all-copper lamps of snooker are expensive and the styles are similar, but the prices are different. In fact, the price of copper lamps is low, and the price is higher. The copper lamps are paid for a penny, not only to look at the style but also to look at the quality. When you see the production process of snooker all-copper lamps, you will find that every lamp is made with your heart. Snooker's all-copper lamps never use recycled copper. Our copper bars are polished three times without cutting corners, so that every lamp accessory can shine on people's shadow. The copper strip of the lampshade is also sloppy. The snooker all-copper lamp is hand-pressed with copper strips. Each copper strip is pressed according to the glass model to ensure that the copper strip and the glass are tightly attached, avoid the appearance of copper bars after long-term use of lamps and lanterns. All-Copper Solder lamps are made of pure manual soldering. Every detail is made to the extreme to ensure that the lamps received by our customers are bright and beautiful. The exquisite mosaic on the lampshade is from the hands of a master who has been experienced for more than ten years. As the saying goes, the work is done slowly, and even a small pattern on the lampshade should be carefully depicted. Each full copper lamp is assembled first, and the whole package is sent to the customer, so that the customer no longer faces a bunch of parts, the whole lamp is taken home, so that the customer can install without worry. Snooker Meiju all-copper lamp has been developed and produced for 18 years. It has carefully produced every lamp, served every customer well, feared every penny of the customer, and made every all-copper lamp with heart, snooker hotline: 400-800-7609.
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