European style crystal droplight is divided into three categories

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-21
European style crystal droplight is divided into three categories: European style crystal droplight not only has the function of lighting but also because do manual work is delicate, and elegant, noble appearance. Believe that for the attention of European style crystal droplight is more and more. Then, we come to categorize European style crystal droplight: 1, the European modern cloth art chandelier: this droplight is recently developed products, also known as a bud light, with lace cloth as material, this beauty can reflect on the bud silk cloth, and reflect on the overall effect of the chandelier. 2, continental candlestick crystal droplight, it is not just a European style crystal droplight, the main representative is currently on the market the most mainstream European lamp, and constantly in the process of transforming into glass and crystal factors, makes the continental candlestick crystalline light is more noble quality. 3, the European court, wrought iron chandelier: this European style crystal droplight is to rely on iron made by hand, and the iron is made by special. With strong antirust function. It is modeled after the European ancient palace lamps and lanterns, its characteristic of primitive simplicity and elegant, noble generous.
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