European environmental protection directives started. Guangdong enterprises did not face the slow response.","contentName":"European environmental protection directives started. Guangdong enterprises did not face the slow response.","categoryName":""}]ImgagesAltValue -->

European environmental protection directives started. Guangdong enterprises did not face the slow response.

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01
 Nanfang Daily News (Reporter / Sun Maoyong Intern / Liu Jingming Correspondent / Zhao Mingqiao) On August 13, the EU environmental directive was officially launched in the EU. The reporter learned from the relevant departments that there are about 3,000 large-scale home appliance manufacturers in Guangdong Province, more than 2,000 lighting electrical appliances companies, and nearly 2,000 home appliance accessories companies; the number of enterprises accounts for about half of the national total; Guangdong Province exports to Europe It accounts for more than 60% of the total export of mechanical and electrical products. The two environmental protection directives issued by the EU will inevitably affect the export of up to tens of billions of US dollars of household electrical appliances in Guangdong Province. Guangdong enterprises have not correctly faced Although the implementation of the new directive is imminent, some related enterprises in Guangdong Province have not really realized the complexity and importance of the new directive. According to Zhao Jian, deputy director of CEST/Guangdong Quality Inspection Center, a recent survey of manufacturers in Guangdong Province found that nearly half of the manufacturers still do not fully understand the EU environmental protection directives, and 30% of the manufacturers who know the directives still have not taken any countermeasures. . Some manufacturers are even looking forward to the EU's new directives to postpone implementation. CEST/Guangdong Quality Inspection calls for active response Zhao Jian, deputy director of CEST/Guangdong Quality Inspection, appealed that Guangdong's electromechanical enterprises, especially those exporting to the EU, should pay attention to the dynamics of China's response to the two directives and the policy and regulatory requirements on the basis of understanding the specific requirements of the EU's environmental protection directives. . Relevant enterprises should enhance environmental awareness, improve production processes, production equipment and product structure in advance, so that more export electronic and electrical products comply with EU directives, and strive to be free from the other party's restrictions when exporting products in 2006. All relevant enterprises should “seek outward”, pay attention to the same industry trends, and learn from the successful experience of advanced enterprises. At the same time, relevant export enterprises should increase investment in research and development, strengthen cooperation and strengthen ties with authoritative and competent inspection agencies, jointly tackle key problems, strengthen research on raw materials and manufacturing equipment, and find alternatives with high quality and low price to make export products. It not only meets the environmental protection requirements of foreign countries, but also has strong international market competitiveness. Editor: Zheng Yaqin 2005-8-14 China Lighting Network Source of information: Nanfang Daily
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