European copper lighting precautions

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
1. Living room European-style all-copper lighting living room European-style all-copper lighting living room is a space with openness and functional diversity. Family reunion, visits by relatives and friends and daily rest are all carried out here. The ideal design is: the number and brightness of the lighting are adjustable, so that the family style is fully displayed. Generally, a generous and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp is used as the main lamp, and it is matched with other auxiliary lighting, such as wall lamp, downlight, Spotlight, etc. 2. Bedroom European-style all-copper lighting bedroom European-style all-copper lighting bedroom is a room for rest and sleep, requiring better privacy. The light is soft and should not be pierced to make it easier for people to enter sleep. Dressing makeup requires even bright light. The ceiling lamp with weak light can be selected as the basic European-style all-copper lighting, which is placed in the middle of the ceiling. Wall lamps can be installed on the wall and beside the dressing mirror. The bedside lamp is equipped with a bedside lamp. In addition to the common desk lamps, the modern metal lamp with the base fixed on the bed plate and adjustable lamp head angle is beautiful and practical. 3. Restaurant European-style all-copper lighting restaurant European-style all-copper lighting home restaurant the focus of lighting decoration is of course the dining table. Lighting can generally be used hanging chandeliers, in order to achieve the effect, chandeliers can not be installed too high, in the diner's View flat online. For the rectangular dining table, two chandeliers or long oval chandeliers are installed. The chandeliers should have light and shade adjusters and lifting functions so as to be used for other work, chinese food pays attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, and often needs bright warm colors. When enjoying Western food, if the light is slightly darker and softer, it can create a romantic atmosphere. 4. European-style all-copper lighting in the study the environment of European-style all-copper lighting in the study should be elegant, quiet, concise and lively. The light is best illuminated from the upper end of the left shoulder, or a desk lamp with higher brightness and no glare is installed in front of the desk. If it is a seat, it is best to use a floor lamp with adjustable direction and height when reading on the sofa.
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