ED0401005-A fan lamp suitable for restaurants

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
Summer is coming, the weather is hot, many people will turn on the air conditioner, but as we all know, the power consumption of the air conditioner is relatively high. If the indoor temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, the fan lamp can completely achieve the cooling effect, it is also comfortable to blow. At the same time think home boring open fan lights stir. Air also very comfortable. There are many styles of fan lights, which can be selected according to the decoration style of your home, so that fan lights can be hung as a scenery line in your home. Today, snooker brings you a fan lamp suitable for restaurants. The new fan lamp ED0401005 may look very simple and not special, but it is not. The special feature of this fan lamp lies in the details. The all-Copper motor cover is decorated with exquisite copper flowers. Each fan leaf is decorated with green leaves. The lampshade is like a blooming flower, full of vitality. Even the inconspicuous lamp and disc parts are made of Dewaxed copper, and the whole fan lamp is good at details. This fan lamp shade is very suitable for installation in the restaurant. The light is soft and the light is cast down. The family sits around the table and looks very warm. This fan lamp has a diameter of 1150 and a height of 700. Applicable space: 10-15 ㎡.
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