Custom crystal lamp process is what kind of?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Custom crystal lamp process is what kind of? 0 - - - - - - - 0 crystal droplight, reveal personality, also can come to a belong to your own custom lighting, shape, material, process, source, etc. , can according to own hobby, optional collocation bright meijia provide exclusive custom service for you! General installation has the following several kinds of lamps and lanterns, but specific to see what kind of style you like, and traditional yellow crystalline light ( The price is relatively high, not convenient, clean look atmosphere, high-grade) ; , contemporary and contracted style lamp ( Simple installation, maintenance is simple, the price is moderate, looks simple, fresh) ; , tablet low-voltage crystal lamp ( Is not the same as traditional crystal lamp, lamp remote monitoring of three groups of around, but when the lighting and decoration, is now mostly after 00 choice, price moderate, the effect is similar to traditional crystal) ; Ou crystal lamp ( Not when lighting, can only as a decoration, effect of high-grade, the atmosphere, to rise the price) ; Aluminum dome light, But when lighting, the effect is contracted, relaxed, price moderate) ; Also some people with normal kinds of absorb dome light. I hope it can help you. A: want to know to choose all of Chinese copper chandelier manufacturer which good? Next article: hotel crystal lamp custom cost? Product recommendations
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