creating a design brief

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-05
Throughout the project, writing your brief means your brief and including it in your final response brief should contain all the information needed to start the project.
All your design considerations should be included.
There are multiple ways to list your brief.
Remember that throughout your project the brief is for your reference, so show it in a way that you will find easy to read and check your development. Bullet-
Listing the direct format for your brief is to list each area of design consideration with simple bullet points to illustrate key considerations, for example in this example, lighting design example design brief: pendant lightA, which sells home products online, is creating a series of new designs.
The brand promotes innovative designs at affordable prices.
Function: create a concept for chandelier.
The cost of making a lamp must be low, so proper workmanship and materials should be considered.
In order to reduce the cost of transportation, the light must be light and foldable for the flat panelpacking.
In any direction, the size of the lamp shall not exceed 45 cm.
Aesthetics: light should be inspired by organic form.
Choose a source of inspiration from: Marine life: prawn, sea anemone, coral or nautilus shell flowers: Daisy, orchid, Dahlia, or passion flower seed pods: Pine fruit sour pulp or poppy seed market: the design must appeal to the company\'s target market-young urban professionals who appreciate excellent designs but do not have a lot of disposable income for design projects.
Introduction to series paragraph design can consist of a series of paragraphs, each of which may list many different considerations.
Design Brief: Iona Island needs to provide new shelters for passengers waiting for the ferry.
The building should improve the environment and integrate with the surrounding environment.
The inspiration for the building should be based on topics related to the ocean.
A proper style should be developed.
The first paragraph lists the main (main)
Features, minor features, and sources of inspiration (
Aesthetic considerations).
The sanctuary will be used by local residents and tourists, so it should attract the public as well as be a tourist attraction.
The building should be able to accommodate the maximum number of people waiting for the ferry.
Facilities include a waiting room with sea views, a toilet and a coffee shop/café.
The needs of passengers should be taken into account, including passengers with inconvenient mobility.
The second paragraph pays attention to who the ferry is for and their needs (
Market Considerations)
And additional auxiliary functions.
Weather conditions can be bad, so durability must be considered.
Materials should be suitable for use and low maintenance.
Sustainability should also be considered when selecting materials.
The third paragraph lists functional considerations.
A conceptual model should be made to convey the design.
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