Congratulations on the successful expansion of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
Taking advantage of the good omen of the year of the horse, the opening work of snooker all-copper lamps is like sesame blossom. Last year, snooker all-copper lamps decided to expand the scale of the factory in order to increase production efforts, improve production quality and improve production environment, after long-term planning and preparation, the factory with an area of 120 thousand square meters was successfully moved into in middle February 2014, and then the production department worked out a plan to expand the enrollment: 150 production personnel were expanded, after hiring 3 senior solder masters with 15 years of working experience, with the plan and policy, the all-copper snooker lamps are posted on the residential areas of major commercial districts, and through WeChat and other network tools, friends introduced and other ways to expand enrollment. The manager of the all-copper lamp sales department in snooker and America said that the company's development depends on these employees and teachers. Anyone who comes to apply for an interview will patiently explain the company's situation and salary, inquiring about work experience, etc. , I finally completed the enrollment expansion plan in the beginning of March 2014, and started pre-job training in March 6. The development of all-copper snooker lamps is so strong that it is inseparable from the support of all customers and the help of the Snooker family, in the new year, we will definitely join hands with everyone to fly higher and higher.
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