[Comment] Survival in adversity, who is the savior?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

The fire in July, the splendid July is a season of business, but this summer is rainy, the day Empty time is covered with haze. Guangdong's lighting companies are not welcoming the summer in this season, and It is a 'cold winter' that has entered some depressions.

A few days ago, 'Yangcheng Evening News' reported that more than 10,000 lighting companies in Guangdong, in the first half of this year Three or four thousand companies have closed down or temporarily closed their doors.

What is the reason? The export market is shrinking, leading to increased competition in the industry; rising raw material prices; The cost increases; the state implements a tight monetary policy, private enterprises have difficulty obtaining bank loans, and so on. From macro to micro, from abroad to domestic, from internal to external, we can list one such reason. Big pile. Of course, we do not rule out that the company is bankrupt or temporarily suspended due to poor management.

There is no doubt that this bunch of reasons has one thing in common, that is, they all exist objectively, The power of one person, one company and even the entire lighting industry cannot change the reality. Business needs to survive, The environment cannot be changed, so it faces a situation where “business is getting harder to do”. Even NVC lighting Yin Wei, vice president of the domestic marketing system, will also sigh: 'This year's pressure is great.' In NVC The status of the industry, zoomed in, this sigh is not the sigh of a certain individual, but the lament of the entire industry . Guangdong’s three or four thousand companies closed their doors in the first half of this year, reflecting this phenomenon.

But in this period of 'depression', the lighting industry is not without hope. If will With a broader view, we will find that the lighting industry is still in good shape in other parts of the country. The momentum of development. For example, in the Yangtze River Delta, the lighting industry there is no bigger than the Pearl River Delta. Optimism. The current Yangtze River Delta is affected by the macro-level at home and abroad, and the economy has been in a “tight operation”. Most companies are also facing the dilemma of tight funding.

However, in this 'tight operation' state, the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta has also flashed a lot of bright spots. For example, in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting and high-performance carbon fiber were replaced in the first quarter. The output value of the “three new” industries in the table increased by 41.5% year-on-year, which is higher than the average industrial growth rate of the city by 4.4. Point, it is estimated that the annual output value will reach 25 billion yuan, an increase of 80% over last year.

The success of the Yangzhou lighting industry shows that the lighting industry is not in a difficult position . The current predicament has not let the lighting industry enter the 'autumn of survival crisis', lighting companies want to Achieving considerable development is still promising.

Lighting companies in the Yangtze River Delta can maintain rapid growth under the “tight operation” of the economy, Guangdong What about lighting companies? It’s been in the cracks, and it’s still in the face of adversity. The trend is rising? This is a choice that Guangdong lighting companies must make as soon as possible.

Obviously, it’s hard to avoid repeating the mistakes of the closed-door thank you, and it’s expected to be bigger and stronger. . In the moment of crisis, the hero of the show is in front of the tens of thousands of lighting companies in the Guangdong lighting industry. Perhaps only Huarong has a path.

The lighting industry is different from the property market, shouting 'turning points' and shouting 'salvation' does not help, so It is better to take the initiative to attack. Hold on first, then rush out. Survive in adversity, believe in addition to you No one, no one is your savior.

Write/Edit: China Lighting Network Wu Yu

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