[Comment] Stage lighting design ushered in a glimmer of light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

■ China Lighting Network Chusi

According to the 'News Morning News' report, in the field of stage lighting, landscape lighting and lighting art More outstanding talents, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Fudan University, recently with Siemens, Osram Ming Company signed a memorandum of cooperation to jointly establish a domestic first-class art lighting laboratory to strengthen the tripartite Cooperation in the 'Lighting Application in the Field of Visual Arts'.

As we all know, stage lighting is part of the stage performance from beginning to end, and it has become fashionable. In the art of lighting, stage lighting design has become an indispensable part of the stage performance. With time The development of the generation, the art of lighting has undergone earth-shaking changes compared to before, but the lighting design However, it has always been 'squatting' and seems a bit outdated. When the lighting designer is designing the stage lighting, it is not Too much emphasis on technology is too biased towards art. It is not biased towards static or biased towards dynamics. The balance between art and stage lighting, can not accurately complete the artistic performance required for the stage performance And reproduction.

In fact, the development of lighting equipment technology has greatly enriched the means of performance of stage lighting art. However, the lack of lighting art design talents has always made stage lighting design in the artistic development. In the lag state. Fudan University and Siemens, Osram adopt a school-enterprise approach to cultivate lighting design Talents, although it can be said that Fudan University is implementing her diverse talent development plan, it can be said that The leaders of the two lighting industries are pursuing commercial interests with their keen market sense; How to say, the cooperation between Siemens, Osram and Fudan will not completely change the lack of lighting design talents. A lack of situation, but it will certainly bring some changes to this area.

Of course, the cooperation between Fudan and the two lighting companies is not limited to training the stage lighting. Design talents, but the flow of talents cultivated should be mostly in the 'visual art field', and Stage lighting is a large proportion of the “visual art field”.

In this era of entertainment, all kinds of parties and movies, TV series and other dances The art form of Taiwan is booming, and the stage lighting art design is also in the process of rapid development. Light art design talents have been unable to meet market demand. This is because of the lighting art design team. Not strong enough; on the other hand, because the design concept of lighting design talents can't keep up with the development of the times, or The design concept is too rigid. As a result, the thirst for new design talents is coming out.

Stage lighting design reflects an artistic concept and working style. Current stage lighting design Too much emphasis on adopting new technologies and new equipment, but neglecting the integrity of the performing arts, so often The artistic style of the performance caused a split and could not achieve the best artistic effect. Chinese Opera Academy Stage Li Wei, director of the art department, said that the stage lighting is not used to show off, the design of the lighting needs to adhere to a kind of The idea that lighting design is part of the stage performance, technology must serve the overall artistic style. change One way of saying that stage lighting art design is not only the creation of the light body, but also the light. The artistry of light design combines technology with performing arts. In the future, the lights coming out of Fudan Design talents may be able to do this better. (Finish)

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