colored glass pendant lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-10
Depending on the style and theme of your room, you can choose from traditional, modern, transitional and Tiffany pendant lighting.
All of these varieties offer elegant, clean cut, bold lines and architectural advantages.
However, it is better not to mistake chandelier lighting for chandelier lighting.
The former usually hangs on a baking tray on the ceiling and grows a chain or metal tube from there.
Shapes and sizes: colorful glass chandeliers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles.
Contemporary lighting designers even try a variety of shapes to create unique and attractive fixtures.
You can also find some chandeliers with abstract shapes and designs that can change the atmosphere of your room and create fascinating effects.
However, the most common stained glass chandeliers are Dome and cone-shaped.
To release more direct light, the dome-shaped chandelier is either shallow or narrow.
These types of colored glass pendant lighting are usually made with materials that can maintain the shape of the dome.
The tapered chandelier is a source of more directional lighting, allowing only a small amount of light to escape.
Quality Grade: color glass pendant lamp with different quality grade.
Some of them are real artworks that cost thousands of dollars, while others have little aesthetic appeal and are more for practical purposes.
Therefore, the quality range of the light produced by these glass pendant lighting is also different.
Tips when installing a glass chandelier: Avoid fixing the colored glass chandelier at the bottom of the opening too high because it is exciting to look up at the bulb every time.
Avoid installing them too low as they look very unattractive.
When installing a glass chandelier, do not divide the space into even parts. Place 3-
The light bulb stained glass chandelier in the breakfast corner provides additional task lighting.
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