coffee shop serves hope to people recovering from addiction

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-25
A state-of-the-art coffee shop in Pennsylvania is offering a fresh start for those recovering from opioid addiction, with a steaming cup of java coffee at a time.
Hope & Coffee started serving customers at Tamaqua, a small coal company, on Thursday morning
About 85 miles (137 kilometres)
From Philadelphia.
In some ways, Hope & Coffee looks like any other fashion cafe with retro parquet floors, leather sofas, free WiFi
Fi and delicious coffee beans.
But it\'s a twisted coffee: People have renovated 1865 Victorian houses in recovery, built cafes, served coffee beans, and served as non-
Manager and barista of profit coffee shop.
Rooms upstairs will provide space for the resumption of meetings.
In the end, officials hope the cafe will provide a donation to match people in the early recovery period with employers in other regions.
This is the idea of a successful business leader who has been awake for more than 35 years and has become frustrated with the popularity of opioid drugs sweeping through her hometown.
Lisa Scheller, the chairman of a company that produces metal pigments, promised to pay $300,000 to get Hope & Coffee into operation.
She said on Thursday that in order to get involved, she had to take off her \"coat of shame and anonymity\" about the distant past and \"shine the brightest light to show that addiction would happen to anyone, recovery is possible.
Not only for me, but also for everyone who hugs it.
\"Tamaqua, like other towns in Penn coal, has long struggled with opioid addiction.
Eric Zizelmann, director of the funeral home, estimated that one of 10 deaths in Tamaka last year was drug-related.
Officials say they don\'t think they want to solve the drug crisis with coffee.
Instead, the idea is to help eliminate the stigma of people recovering, said Micah Gursky, executive director of the Community Partnership in the Tamaqua region, who is a local running a cafe.
\"We want this to be a place to help get back to normal and support recovery people and let people know that there are very successful recovery people around us,\" he said: \"I just came to the coffee shop for a cup of coffee. \".
Sica Brown, head of the coffee shop, said she had been smoking heroin for years and spent some time in prison.
Now in recovery, one 1-year-
Old Brown says no one wants to hire her.
\"Everyone loves me personally, but once they do a background check and look at my history, my past, they don\'t want to have anything to do with me, Brown said.
When someone handed her a flyer for a recruitment advertisement in Hope & Coffee, she was receiving intensive outpatient treatment.
She called it \"absolute life\"changer.
\"My son now has a confident mother who has an amazing foundation,\" she said . \".
\"The whole world was against me until I got the flyer.
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