chechnya’s leader uses world cup to extend his outreach to middle east

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
GROZNY, Russia-
There are two-humped camel. Fireworks. A 3-
D. Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and laser show.
This is how the Chechen area of Russia has opened a grand beach.
This month at the color hotel in its capital, Grozny.
This luxurious real estate building, like the Arab market, was the first in the Muslim-dominated republic to be built with foreign funds.
As with other upcoming adventures, the money comes from the Arab world.
In early June, the hotel will host the Egyptian national football team trained for the World Cup in Chechnya.
While no competition will be played in the region, the invitation of Chechen leader Ramzan kadov and the acceptance of the Egyptian team are significant as the strongman\'s ambitions in the Middle East are growing.
Chechen officials say it makes sense culturally that Egypt has a base camp in a small area of Russia\'s North Caucasus: it will be close to the mosque, halal food and local government staff studying Arabic abroad.
\"They are Muslims. We are Muslims.
We are all Sunnis, \"said Information Minister Jambulat Umarov, as the whole city is preparing for the start of Ramadan.
Speaking of the Egyptian star Umarov, Umarov said, \"I think Mohammed Salah will be very happy. ”(
Salah suffered a shoulder injury while playing for Liverpool on Saturday and it is unclear whether he will be able to play in the World Cup. )
Recently visited the hotel, owned by a company based in Abu Dhabi, only a stone\'s throw away from the Akhmat Arena where Egyptian players will practice and the carpet is stripping plastic film, the last chandelier was also installed in the hall.
From the UAE to Syria, kadrov\'s goal is to participate in the larger Muslim world as a quasi-Muslim world.
Official Kremlin envoy
Just a few years ago, Moscow saw him as a necessary brute force to crack down on the Islamic insurgency in Chechnya, home to two separate wars in recent decades.
Today, he has become a minority among Russia\'s 20 million Muslims.
In the mode of his benefactor, President Putin, kadrov established a highly personalized system of rule, and critics accused him of using the small republic of 1 million people as a demon. His decade-
There have long been allegations of torture and collective punishment.
As a man of stark contrast, his strategy is both uncompromising and populist.
For a Russia that has reappeared on the global stage, the influence in the Middle East is growing, where there is a Soviet-
For the Kremlin, anti-Western dominance and the promotion of Russian interests are crucial. Barrel-
At the age of 41, kadrov had a flowing auburn beard and liked sportswear and exotic pets.
Alexei Malashenko, chief researcher in Moscow, said his expanding role served the Kremlin well
Institute for dialogue among civilizations.
\"It\'s a very smart PR campaign,\" Malashenko said . \".
\"For Ramzan, Egypt is another window for independent entry into the world\'s Muslim space.
Malashenko said Putin encouraged kadrov\'s personal ambitions in exchange for stability in volatile areas.
Malashenko said the two \"need each other like twins \".
\"Imagine he was sick or dead without Ramzan --
There will be a civil war, a civil war.
Kadov and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al, the de facto ruler of the UAE-
The Zayed Fund was set up last year to support local businesses.
This is the first Russian.
Similar Arab projects.
In April, Sharjah established a direct flight between Grozny and the UAE.
It is headquartered in Air Arabia.
The city\'s mosque is one of the largest mosques in Europe, and opposite it is building a new glittering skyscraper in the style of a medieval defensive tower.
In addition to cultivating business relations with Arab countries, kadrov also led a solidarity rally against Rohingya Muslims outside the Myanmar embassy in Moscow, sending Chechen military police forces to Syria, and pardoned the wives and children of the local Islamic State fighters.
Beslan visabov, training and marketing manager for the Zayed Fund, said: \"It seems that Putin has delegated these powers to kadrov . \".
Human rights defenders say fashion in Dubai
Skyline and perfect park in downtown Grozny-
In a city that is almost destroyed, there is no trace of war.
For those living in Chechnya, this is a heavy price, and they have sounded the alarm about the region\'s role in the world\'s top sporting events.
Last year, it was reported that Chechen officials carried out brutal cleansing of gay men, sparking global anger and prompting concerted efforts by the international community to allow the men to take refuge abroad.
Kadrov was not disturbed.
His answer was \"We are not gay \".
Similar to Egypt\'s recent crackdown on gay communities has not disappeared from activists.
Before Egypt chose to base in Chechnya, Human Rights Watch sent a letter to FIFA urging it to lobby the Egyptian authorities against the proposed oppositionLGBT law.
A series of human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, also called on FIFA to intervene in Chechnya, where the head of the last remaining rights organization in the region was locked in prison on what they said was fabricated. up charges.
Earlier this year, Oyub tititiev, who was in charge of the local branch of the human rights organization Memorial, was detained because police said they had found marijuana on him. The 60-year-old faces a 10-year sentence.
Her predecessor, Natalia estmirova, was kidnapped nine years ago.
The body was later dumped by the road.
\"The huge international pressure has led President Putin to counter it.
Gay cleaning with Ramzan Kadyrov was suspended, \"said Tanya lockshina, head of Russian Human Rights Watch.
\"Now, we hope that the same thing will happen to Titiev.
The World Cup is coming.
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