Charming all-copper glass solder lamp-SZ07003-03

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
When it comes to installing houses and selecting lamps, it is estimated that the first thing everyone thinks of is the main lamp- The chandelier in the living room, as everyone knows, the small lights in other areas also need to be carefully selected. Today, snooker Meizhu introduces a versatile all-copper glass solder lamp. This all-copper glass solder lamp model is: SZ07003- 03, although it is small, it is the darling of many customers. This small all-copper glass solder lamp has great charm. This lamp is simple and generous. From a distance, you may think it is just an ordinary glass lampshade. In fact, when you go in and look at it, you will find that the lampshade of this lamp also has a careful machine; The place, its lampshade is composed of frosted edge glass and ice glass, the frame is a thick copper frame, and the copper ceiling is also one of its highlights. This lamp is very versatile. If you don't believe it, you can look at the feedback map of our customers. It is really suitable. SZ07003- 03 porch installation effect Real shot SZ07003-03 corridor installation effect Real shot
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