Changsha Goya engineering lighting Crystal lampshade mold scheme modified successfully

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
In July 20, after five major changes, Changsha Goya engineering lighting Crystal lampshade mold plan was finally finalized under the guidance of retired professor Liu Lao of Guangzhou American college. Changsha Goya is a large-scale chain high-end catering enterprise, and there are already thousands of stores at home. In order to adapt to the changing needs, the company decided to upgrade its image. Lamps are the main focus of this upgrade, and both the designer and the owner attach great importance to it. In order to achieve the effect of this batch of engineering lamps, our company has adopted the method of drawing line drawings first to confirm, and successively used the three-dimensional drawings to show the aspects, striving for multi-angle performance to truly reflect the visual effect of engineering lamps after molding.
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