Approaching non-standard engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
Non-standard engineering lamps are relative to the national standards for lamp production. The national standard for lamps is divided into mandatory national standards (GB)And the recommended national standard (GB/T). The mandatory national standard is the standard to protect human health, personal and property safety and the national standard that is enforced by laws and administrative regulations; The recommended national standard refers to the national standard voluntarily adopted through economic means or market regulation in terms of production, exchange and use. However, once the recommended national standard is accepted and adopted, or the parties agree to include it in the economic contract, it becomes the technical basis that all parties must abide by, and it is legally binding. Of course, engineering lamps are also subject to this standard. Regarding the relevant issues of engineering lamps, we have already had relevant introductions before. This article will focus on some introductions of non-standard engineering lamps. Non-standard engineering lamps, as its name implies, refer to products produced by non-national standards or industry standards. Non-standard engineering lamps are designed and produced according to the special requirements of customers in most cases, which are different from conventional standard products. It is said to be non-standard because of the particularity of these non-standard engineering lamps. There are no relevant regulations or they are beyond the scope of the regulations in the national standards. At the same time, non-standard engineering lamps in the production process, its electrical safety and other aspects still need to adopt national standards. In daily life, the main business of non-standard engineering lamps includes hotel engineering lamps, non-standard lamps, KTV lamps, Villa lamps, club lamps, lobby lamps, outdoor lamps and other customized lamps.
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