Appreciation of the matching effect of American living room chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-07
The living room chandelier not only has a lighting effect, but also plays a decorative role in the whole room, and also has a certain influence on the layout of the home, so the choice of the living room chandelier is very important, today, Xiao Bian brings you several simple collocation effects of living room chandeliers. Simple living room chandelier SZ50807- 08, warm, comfortable and elegant, the overall decoration is generous and inclusive. The slightly yellowed frosted glass lampshade is decorated with a classic crystal ball, not exaggerated, and elegant enough. SZ50807- 08 size: W800 * H 550 applicable space: 25-30 square meters, this SZ22015- The idyllic living room chandelier feels very fresh when matched, just like the kind of comfort when returning to nature, which makes people unable to help looking at it a few more times. The retro fabric lampshade has a nostalgic feeling, and the crystal pillar has made a good embellishment. SZ22015- 06 size: W750 * H 600 applicable space: 20- 25 square meters, the decoration tone of the living room gives people a fresh and romantic feeling, without too many complicated decorations, which is in line with the decoration style of young people in modern cities, SZ20074- 06 this living room chandelier is also simple and straightforward, and the simple pure white lampshade and elegant bronze lamp arm are so simple, but the living room is full of charm. SZ220074- 06 size: W610 * H 600 applicable space: 20-25 square meters
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