another halloween light show set to the nightmare before christmas\' \"this is halloween\"

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-24
Our passion for everything about Halloween continues and we are now re-examining one of our current favorites.
From bringing you a well-choreographed light show to the home of LMFAO\'s \"Party Rock Anthem\", there is another stunning creation set to \"pre-Christmas nightmare \".
The video was released by YouTube user KJ92508, who wrote: 20. 11 million holy light show--
This is Halloween in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Singing pumpkin face, Tombstone, hand carved pumpkin, steps, floods and thousands of lights.
Most lamps have changed from incandescent to rgb led, so the power consumption is much less than in previous years.
DMX was also added to display.
All the lights, faces and props are customized (DIY)
I did this except that the roof line is CCRs.
The control channel is eight times more than last year. 1144 channels. Light-O-Rama.
Riverside, CA, all of us in the Feed want to give a triple
Rainbow pays tribute to another wonderful performance by someone who really loves the lights and holidays!
If you\'re looking for more Halloween laughs, be sure to take a look at the slides below us.
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